ENGINEARS is a five-person, Toronto-based audio production company providing location sound recording, audio post-production and music recording expertise. We are a multi-faceted sound company working primarily with the film and television production industry.
We provide unparalleled expertise and professionalism on set throughout each shoot as sound recordists, and then offer creative and low-cost audio post production later for the same filmmakers. We are 2 sound designers, 2 recordists and me, Corby. My 25 years of post-production and music recording experience is the foundation our our assurance that ENGINEARS can provide you with crisp, clean location sound that will save you time and money in post production.

We specialize in documentary programs and productions with a live music component, surround sound recording, documentary location sound and documentary/lifestyle/magazine series audio post production. Eighty percent of what we record we mix, and vice versa. We believe that integrating production and post production sound increases quality and productivity, allowing more time for creativity.

Budgets are accommodated with a 4-tiered rate structure, low overhead and efficient workflows. This means that even with the restricted funds available to many producers, every production can afford quality location sound and a superb final mix.

ENGINEARS also partners with qualified and talented sound recordists, sound editors, and larger music recording and mixing facilities providing discreet-channel surround mixing. We have equipment available to rent as well.
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